10 June 2014

Turn, Season 1 Finale!

Don't you just hate Captain Simcoe? I mean... he is such a perfect villain, so perfect you don't even want him to die. He just has to be there so you can have someone to hate with passion. Congratulations to mr. Samuel Roukin for such a brilliant act, you deserve an Emmy award for sure! Along with Peter Dinklage of course, coz there's no one better than Tyrion Lannister!

Turn's season finale was great! Thrilling and exciting, with a hostage situation, military honor (Major Hewlett) and dishonor (who else but Captain Simcoe), a lot of emotion... and a murder with arson at the end. As usual, the good guys pay the most (I really felt sorry for Ensign Baker, I liked that guy) but the fight goes on. There's a lot to look forward for Abe Woodhull and his spy companion(s), although he has a new threat in his way. What will his own wife do now, since she finally has the edge over her husband. It was quite surprising to see her handle things, she didn't really seem capable until the very last few minutes of the season.

Overall, Turn may have been a bit slow during it's 10 episode campaign, but the show has a lot of quality. Not to mention the potential, both historically and literally. I hope it gets renewed for at least one more season, I want to see more of this!

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