04 August 2014

Crossbones, Series finale

Yep, it's not just a season, but a series finale. After only one season and a total of 9 episodes, the pirate show is over. I can't say I am really and truly sorry since it never lived up to its full potential. Too bad, I really wanted to like this one. Standard warning: the following text contains massive spoilers!

The final two episodes were aired at the same time, rushing the show to its premature end. Even the final scenes seemed like they were filmed in case the show gets canceled (and it was officially canceled 10 days ago) - a lot of the characters die, including Governor Jagger and Antoinette, as well as Selima herself. Blackbeard gets to live and is exiled from the island (or maybe his final appearance is his spirit, finally set free... who knows). 

Too bad it took 7 episodes to finally see another sea battle (the one in the pilot episode was great, but it was the last one we saw until episode 8). I wonder what makes the creators of pirate shows (and by this I mean Crossbones and Black Sails as well) think why we watch these shows? It's those sea battles, we really don't look forward to love triangles and island politics! Sea battles, treasure hunting, raids... adventurous stories! Anyway, even this sea battle was done in no more than a few minutes. And just when I thought they finally got it... I guess these scenes cost too much to make and the budget was obviously not big enough. I have to say that a quick look at the Spanish Treasure Fleet was a great moment indeed.

Did I like the ending? Hmmm... Lets say it was okay. It rounds up a story and doesn't leave any loose ends (as I said before, it seems like this is an alternate ending, filmed in case the show gets canceled), there's no cliffhanger for a story that will never be continued and that is more than satisfying. However, it was almost predictable and just too perfect. Blackbeard won then lost, Jagger lost, Lowe kicked ass and won it all.

Overall, Crossbones had a lot to show but it screwed up. They had John Malkovich aboard and screwed it up. It could have been great, but it will be forgotten real soon. The final score of "a little bit over the average" simply isn't enough for NBC.