07 February 2014


Honestly, I am not sure of this show's popularity, mostly because most of my friends have never heard of it. It might be due to the fact that it's shown on History Channel and not on one of the "usual" networks. 

Anyway, I love this show! I love how producers from History managed to mask a history lesson inside a TV show and present it to its viewers. I love how cruel and ruthless the main characters are, just as the real Vikings were at their time. I love how the morale in it is presented in a very specific way, something that is not easy to understand for a current-day civilized person. Children are quite aware of what their parents are doing in the bedroom, neither of the main characters are standard goodie guys who would do the right thing no matter what and not a single person in this world is truly good nor evil. Well apart from the Christian priest probably, he's a God-fearing guy for sure.

Each episode kind of covers a certain subject, although it's not very obvious to an untrained eye (like mine is :)). The viewers will get to see Viking raids and plunder, their ruthlessness and complete lack of compassion, Jarls and their power over the people, their court and ruling, unauthorized raids, exploration of the west and its riches, single combat for leadership, bravery and betrayal, brotherly love and hate, burial rituals, burial ships, warrior women (shieldmaidens), elderly warriors who WANT to die in combat since dying of old age is shameful, religion and legendary Gods, sacrifice, blood rituals... Did I forget anything? Ah yes, the importance of male children, the fight for power and land, Viking domination over other people.

The protagonist is... well, a young warrior Ragnar Lothbrok, an actual historical figure whom, according to the legend, became a real menace at his later age. I am not sure if this show will cover all of that, but at the start he's just a "simple" raid leader with big plans and even larger balls. His plan to travel to the west soon puts him, his crew and his family in danger since true leaders never look well at potential competition. Fortunately, Ragnar has a band of loyal warriors and... you see where this goes.

I am trying not to reveal much because I really want you to enjoy the show if you decide to watch it. That leaves me without much to talk about, but I can say one thing - watch this show! It's fun, it's different and it will make you keep asking for more.

So far we've had just one season of Vikings, made of 9 episodes. Season 2 is coming on February 27 so there's enough time to see the entire first season before the second one is here. Don't miss it!

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