27 February 2014

Automated application installation or why I LOVE!

Yeah, that's a big image up there, but I wanted you to see how it looks like. One of my favorite websites out there, one that I mention to just about everyone I know that does software installations. Now I will share it with you.

So what does Ninite do? Imagine you just did a fresh install of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8... doesn't matter), fixed all the drivers and are ready to install all those applications you may need: web browser (who uses Internet Explorer anyway? :) ), audio and/or video players, PDF viewers... whatever. Why do it one by one when you can batch select a whole lot of them and just let Ninite install them all? That's exactly what it does - it gives you an opportunity to install dozens of useful freeware applications that you would install anyway with just a few clicks. And it will automatically give you the latest versions plus it will detect if you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. Really, really useful. You can see the list of all the available apps on the screenshot above (I never installed the Microsoft Office package that is offered, I have no idea what it is actually. My guess is a trial version, but if you don't want that - there's always OpenOffice and LibreOffice available!) and there's hardly anything missing. With the exception of Adobe Flash - it used to be there (two versions: Internet Explorer and other browsers) but it was removed after Adobe no longer allowed outside sources to provide Flash downloads.

How does it work? You select what you need, whether its just one or fifty apps and proceed to download a single executable file. You run that file and watch its progress as it installs what you selected. It's that simple. There is no customization at all, it will install to apps default paths and give you a log at the end in case something was not installed (in case the app is already present on the system or any other error that may have occurred).

Ninite also offers Professional version of its service, the one I never tried so I cannot say how good it is. But it's really for a very limited number of users and most of you will never need that (Pro version is for system administrators that take care of multiple computers).

Ninite currently works only with Windows and Ubuntu Linux. And it's all FREE!

That's it! I hope I helped you with this text. Enjoy your one click installations!

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