06 March 2014

The Americans

Early 1980's, Cold War USA. Soviet spies are literally everywhere, living among the population as American citizens - working, raising kids, attending little league games... they are living their lives just like any other American would. But once they get a mission - it's time for action.

The show covers two such spies, Elisabeth and Phillip Jennings (their real names are unimportant as they are forbidden to ever use them, just as they are not allowed to speak Russian... ever!) during the Reagan era. They didn't know each other before they were sent to United States about 15 years ago and they were ordered to pose as a married couple. To make it even more convincing, Elisabeth and Phillip now have 2 children who have no idea who their parents are. Their own children are born Americans, just as the people whom their parents are fighting against. How fun is that? Oh, and the sugar on top is their first door neighbor Stan Beeman who happens to be an FBI agent.

I don't want to go into details (as usual) and I will just say that this is a show worth watching. Its filled with action, espionage, counter-espionage, lies and deceit. I like how the producers paid attention to details and did their best to emulate the early 80's with latest inventions (such as the amazing Intellivision!) or hit movies (good old Lucas and Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back). And Soviets really speak Russian, not English with Russian accent. A minor thing, but I really like it that way.

The Americans is a fantastic show that will make you feel weird if you are an American yourself. You will be cheering for an old enemy and against your own country, but hey - it's just a show so don't feel bad about it. This show can be a real eye-opener, proving that there are no good and bad nations - just superpowers fighting for control.

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