23 September 2014

Silicon Valley

HBO did it again. They created a show that covers a very specific subject, but you really don't have to understand any of it to enjoy the humor it provides. I hope it's true because I do understand all of it so I cannot be objective enough :D

Richard Hendriks works for Hooli, one of many Silicon Valley's tech companies with motivational videos and logos, weird meeting rituals and all that crap that these nerds do (I am a different kind of nerd, seriously!) and he develops an app that... well, it's useless but it's compression algorithm is absolutely stunning. He soon gets an offer to sell it for 1, 4 and finally 10 million dollars, but instead decides to sell 5% of his share to a rival billionaire who promised to help him build and raise his own company. He hires his roommates to work with him and now they're off to do something they have no idea how it's done - a company.

The characters are awesome! Richard is shy and panicky guy, very unsure of what he is doing and questions his decision not to take 10 million bucks. Gilfoyle is a sarcastic satanist, a java master programmer who hopes to "wake up one day to find out he died and went to hell". As Dinesh explains "it's ok, he's satanist so it's good for him. So, Dinesh is a Pakistani American (he's legal!), yet another programmer in the group. Jared is new in the gang, he joins up from Hooli after seeing what Richard made and wants to help. And finally Elrich, everyone's (probably) favorite asshole who actually isn't. He owns 10% of whatever Richard makes because he provided him with a place to live in Silicon Valley. He simply takes percentages instead of rent money. Smart, eh? 

That's the five guys from the image above. The others are two eccentric billionaires Peter Gregory and Gavin Belson, Gavin's assistant Monica and Big Head, Richard's best childhood friend who was kicked out because he was useless and is now working for Hooli. Working. Actually, he does nothing (because he IS useless) and was hired out of revenge or whatever.

Season one ended in june 2014, but I just recently saw it. It has eight episodes only (30 minutes each) and it's been renewed for season two due to great reviews it was getting. Let me be one of those who are going to recommend this brilliant sitcom to you as well. You will love it, even if you have no idea what it is about even after watching 4+ episodes. It's just... a lot of fun! Another thing - it IS a sitcom, but it does not have that audience laugh in the background. Awesome!

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