04 November 2014


I will write just about season 4 of this show, as it is more of a new show. The first 3 seasons were covering something completely different and it was definitely concluded in the last season's final episode. There's no more Brody, it no longer takes place in USA and Carrie has completely taken over the main role. She's in Pakistan, she's station chief and she's doing what's she does best!

You could call this a reboot, it's that different. There's a lot of familiar characters (Mandy Patikin as Saul Berenson, Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn and my new favorite Nazanin Boniadi as Fara Sherazi) so there's little need for introduction. Carrie seems very strong now, she's put her past behind her and she's either completely cured of her condition(s) or she's handling them really well, but it's definitely out of focus as well.

So... dealing with Pakistan. The CIA operation in Pakistan is handling terrorist network with drone attacks and espionage. Things go bad after one particular drone attack that kills a lot of civilians at a wedding. As things unfold, Carrie and her operatives uncover a big conspiracy, but are unable to get the details. I am writing this after episode 6 and the big things seems to be getting even bigger and CIA is constantly a few steps behind the conspirators. Season 4 seemed really slow at start, there was more focus on Quinn's ghosts of the past and his dealings with his own conscience than the real action, but it's heating up nicely in the last 2 episodes. This is a spoiler-free review, so no details about anything in here.

This review is meant to be sure, so lets sum it up. This is a NEW Homeland. It might take you some time to accept it, but when you do - you will like it. It's a serious and dramatic TV show and as such, it's not suitable for everyone. I just hope Nazanin Boniadi gets more screen time :)

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