11 December 2014


Game score: 50%
Platform: Steam, PC
Steam link: 

Light is a... mini game with simple graphics, simple control and a nice soundtrack. You are an unknown person who has lost his memory and you are trying to escape an unknown compound while finding out what happened to you. Sounds like a story and it is. Actually, this whole game is all about the story, everything else comes in second.

The game is super minimalistic: you are a blue block, neutral people are white block and hostiles are red. The world is made of lines, blocks, security cameras and lines of sight. What you need to do in each level is complete a few tasks, read little chunks of a story that unfolds as you progress and finally find an exit at each level and progress on to the next.


To be honest, Light feels more like a demo of a bigger game or just a simple demo of a game engine. The controls are very simple (direction moves, attack, hack, use) and levels are very, very short. If you know your way around, you can complete most levels in under a minute and be done with the whole game in less than 20! On my first (and only) run, it took me 45 minutes to complete the whole game. I can't say I enjoyed it, I can't say I disliked it. It was just one of those games that you go through and forget about them after a good night sleep.

Oh yes, the game  has 13 achievements and you will get them all as you play the game. 12 are for completing levels and 1 for using a disguise 15 times. The disguise one is as simple as using a single item 15 times on the very first level. They are that easy.

Overall, the game is not worth its current price ($12/€12). I got it as a part of some bundle that had 10 games for $3 and that is probably fine. Probably.

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