05 October 2014

Star Wars: Rebels


Finally! The first child of the newly wed LucasFilm and Disney! And it's a promising one, right from the start! Too many exclamation marks? You bet! Aren't you excited about the latest in Star Wars franchise? I sure am!

I'll be short - the pilot starts with a double episode called "Spark of Rebellion". We get to meet Ezra (who looks like Aladdin's twin from the galaxy far, far away) and watch as his encounter with a pack of thieves, who seem to like to steal from Storm troopers, turns into a long term relationship. What really amazed me is how quickly I learned a lot about all the major characters in just 43 minutes. A lot of shows fail to do that over the entire season and this one made it in just one episode. True, Star Wars was always famous for its fast pace and Rebels is no exception. The action seems to never end as our heroes get from one dangerous situation to another in a matter of no more than 2 minutes. And you really get to like the characters right from the start.

I was curious about what the characters would look like, now that Disney is in charge of the Star Wars franchise. Turned out alright, even though it's obvious it's Disney people behind the animation. Yes, they do have those big eyes and specific face expressions, but who cares? The story seems good, the characters seem amazing and the animation itself is fantastic. So if anyone was worried about Disney ruining Star Wars - relax, they did more than good.

I know it's too early to say, but I have a really good feeling about Star Wars Rebels. Then again, it's an old franchise and we're all quite familiar with it, so what could go wrong?

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