09 October 2014

The Strain, Season 1 Finale!

This show is weird, seriously. It goes up and down more than Nintendo's Mario in his most famous games. It started out great with a very captivating pilot, then it annoyed me (us) with boring and quite shallow episodes that made little or no sense (I already described that in my review of The Strain), and yet it still had some truly masterful episodes just to keep us from abandoning it forever. This finale... unsatisfying. And I am being really polite here.


Alright, we all expected the gang to charge onto The Master again and they did. They found his lair (again) and attacked it, but they also found out that he's stronger than they expected. The sun does hurt him, but obviously not enough. We also found out that Setrakian is a showman, it took him an hour to swing his sword and... try to hit The Master. That gave the creature more than enough time to escape again. Why... Why do they torment us with such scenes over and over again? If they wanted him to escape, why did they have to make it so... naive? And the head-on attack on the vampire lair that was defended by the Master's top minions such as Eichorst and Bolivar was a complete success with no casualties among the good guys? Aw, come on! Oh yeah, they also brought Zach with them. Yeah, a 12 year old kid is just what you need when you attack 100+ vampires that can kill you with a simple scratch.

On a bright side, we saw some more of the vampire hit squad and found a little bit more about them. It's still not quite clear why they are fighting The Master, but we're getting there. And they are about to recruit Gus to fight as their avatar. Fun!

Overall, this show obviously has a lot of potential, but I expect the producers to show us viewers a bit more respect. There have been sooooooooooooo many completely illogical decisions and behavior by both the main characters and the people of New York in general. I still believe they can fix that and live up to the show's full potential. We'll have to wait and see what season 2 has to offer in 10 months or so.

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