25 April 2014



I gotta say - this show is a real enigma to me. Every time I watch the latest episode I get reminded of how bad some of the actors in this show are. I am quite sure that some soaps have better and more convincing actors than Arrow, that's how bad they are. And the plot in most episodes is pretty bad, predictable and unconvincing. There's PLENTY of the typical "why don't you just shoot him and get it over with?" situations that usually end well.

But... I just can't wait to see the next episode! Week after week (Arrow features 24 episodes per season) I just want to see what is coming next. I remember how bored I got with the show during the first season... and then season finale happened and it was a shocker! Arrow failed to stop a disaster AND his best friend died!? And in the latest episode another one of the main characters died! Could Arrow be turning into The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? No, of course not, but I like what the producers are doing with those deaths.

Anyway, I think I can explain my love for Arrow. It's made after a comic after all, and comics are a nerd's soft spot. It's actually easy to recognize the plot of almost every episode as if it was made for a comic book, rather than a TV show. There's a few of one-shot enemies that appear in single episodes, never to be seen or heard of again (they usually end up dead or imprisoned), then there's a whole bunch of recurring characters (both good and bad) and a master villain that spreads throughout a season. So far there have been two "bosses" in two seasons and neither was clear up until late mid-season. There's also a continuous flashback story that happens in the past, it takes about 20% of each episode and is even more interesting than the main plot.

Overall, Arrow is a cliche, but a fun cliche. It's not just for anyone, you have to be a hardcore fan of comics and/or heroes (not superheroes!) like Batman who relies on natural strength and expensive technology. Enjoy it!

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