04 May 2014

Vikings, Season 2 Finale!

I was away for a few days so this may be a bit late (the finale was aired on Thursday evening in the US), but when it comes to Vikings - it's never too late! As you may or may not remember, I recommended this show back in February, hoping for a good season 2. And now when the season is over... IT WAS AWESOME! It was even better than the first one which focused on telling us about Viking customs and culture. Season 2 was all about conquest and politics (but in a good way), loyalty and betrayal, slaughter and blood. 

The entire season 2 was quick paced, covered quite a large time period (about 5 or 6 years if I got it right) and it showed how powerful Earl Ragnar truly is. Ragnar had allies and enemies, he had to deal with the loss of his own village, bring his own justice to those who betrayed him and learned a lesson along the way. Season finale showed us how wise he was throughout all that time once all his allies showed up in front of his true enemy. Poor bastard thought he had it all figured out, but it turned out he was simply outplayed in the game of thrones. You win or you die. Simple as that.

I know this is a rather short text, but I always try not to spoil much with my own ramblings. If you haven't seen this show yet - do it! It's well worth your time! So far it's 2 seasons and 19 episodes in total and season 3 is confirmed.

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