16 May 2014

Season Finales: The Following, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow

Since this is my view of a several season final episodes expect a lot of spoilers. You've been warned!

Quite a lot of shows are coming to an end for this season, and here are my thoughts of those I've mentioned on this blog before. The first one is The Following finale which was aired two weeks ago. And it was bad, just as the rest of that show that managed to trick me once again into watching it. Too many turnovers, captures, escapes... and the lack of true thrill. At least for me. I may have not been objective enough because The Following made me angry too many times before, but I think the ending was quite predictable and shallow. At least Emma is finally dead, even though that happened even before the final episode of Season 2. Too bad Claire is still around...

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continued with a series of great episodes and concluded a successful season with the death of the master villain. To be honest, the episode was a bit underwhelming to me, I probably expected more. I may have expected someone important to die and when that did not happen... But it was far from bad and it set up a good foundation for the next season. I guess the producers weren't sure if they would be greenlighted for season 2 so they rounded up the story with no loose ends at all. Fortunately, Agents will be back for at least one more season and I am looking forward to it. I hope we will finally learn about Skye's past. Oh, and we finally got to see Director Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) again, for the first time since the grand opening episode of the show. And he was awesome, as always!

And finally - Arrow. My favorite weak spot among the TV shows. Oliver and his companions were on the verge of defeat, but if anyone could turn it around it's Arrow! I loved how they gathered just about EVERYONE who ever appeared in this show wearing a mask or had a special skill, and they made them fight Slade's army of superstrong junkies. It was good seeing Nyssa Al Ghul and her Assassins, Deadshot and the other captives, even Malcolm Merlyn, the Dark Archer himself. The finale was a great spectacle and even though it wasn't as good as the last season's destruction of The Glades - it was still great and very satisfying. The overlapping of the past and present conflict between Oliver and Slade was well done and enjoyable to watch.

I am looking forward to CW's new version of The Flash and I hope it will cross with Arrow a lot in the future. It was really cool how they showed us the "creation" of Flash during Arrow's mid-season. I bet Sheldon was super excited watching that!

That's it for now! Enjoy the shows.

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