26 January 2015

Black Sails, Season 2

Since Black Sails was a subject of my very first review on this blog, it's only fair to talk about it again since season 2 just started. And what an episode it was! When the credits started rolling I was thinking "What? What did they do, did they shorten the episodes down to 20 minutes?" so I checked... 52 minutes. 52 minutes and it really seemed more like 20, 25 max.

I am really glad to say that it started great, with a short reminder of the last season's final battle with the Spanish Frigate and the end of Captain Flint's dream of plundering the Treasure Fleet. Of course, nothing is ever what it seems to be, so we are finally witnessing the first joined actions of Flint and Silver as they... well, I won't tell you, in case you haven't seen the episode yet. Also, things back at the Port of Nassau are heating up with Charles Vane and Eleanor Guthrie "working" together. No, it's not what you think! They really are more probable to kill each other rather than cooperate. And there's a new and ruthless captain in town, known by the name of Ned Low. And he's got a mysterious and precious cargo in his hold.

I expressed my skepticism on Black Sails in general during the most of the first season, but the finale was good and the intro to season 2 was great! I am glad they worked it out, unlike Crossbones who was even more promising... yet it was cancelled after only one season. Good job Black Sails, keep it up!

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