03 January 2015

Gone Girl (2014)

If you don't want to read it all:
Score: 9/10
Verdict: If I tell you anything at all I will spoil the pleasure of watching this great movie!


Seriously, almost anything I may say about Gone Girl will be a spoiler so... this will be REALLY short because I want to keep it spoiler-free.

Gone Girl is a... mystery drama. A man comes home and finds out his wife is missing. There are signs of struggle so he suspects kidnapping and calls the police. And that's where the mystery begins.

What I REALLY like about Gone Girl is the lack of classic cliches present in just about every movie out there. Again, I can't tell you much because it will spoil everything :)

Ben Affleck is seriously awesome in this one, it's definitely one of his best roles ever (right on time, Batman!). He is quite convincing in his role of a lost husband, trying to balance his true feelings with what the public expects of him. Oh, and dealing with a teenage mistress. And his missing wife's parents. And the whole America who happens to be following the case because the missing woman is a celebrity. Two thumbs up for Affleck!

That's all I can write and keep it, yes, spoiler-free. Spoiler free! 

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