06 January 2015

The Expendables 3 (2014)

If you don't want to read it all:
Score: 7/10
Verdict: It's an action parody and knows it. If you like the first two, you will like this one as well. Otherwise, stay away


I loved the first two Expendables. They were made with the clear intent of making a joke of an action movie with exaggerated action sequences and destruction. With no "good guys" getting injured at all. A 6 max squad would go into a heavily fortified enemy base, kill two hundred armed-to-teeth mercenaries and soldiers, destroy a few tanks and machine gun nests and come out unharmed. And they own an airplane too! The Expendables 3 is no different, although it lacks Chuck Norris this time. No Chuck Norris!

The story of the movie is absolutely unimportant. They could be rescuing an endangered elephant from an Indian mobster, tracking down the arms dealer or hunting a traitor agent. It doesn't matter at all. The Expendables is all about seeing the familiar actors from (mostly) action movies all grouped together in a bloody action show for the masses. This time, the new faces are Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes. No Chuck Norris. No Chuck, but a few less famous, mostly MMA fighters/actors who are supposed to bring in some fresh blood, technology and, well, younger audience I guess. The action is so absurd that even the main bad guy says at some point: "How hard can it be to kill ten men?  Do you think maybe you could just wound a couple?" Love it!

To fully enjoy this movie, you will need to put your brain to sleep, completely forget about reality (or realism, whichever), sit back, relax and have fun. I know I did! Even without Chuck Norris.

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