28 January 2015


Game score: 84%
Platform: Steam, PC
Steam link:

This game is a perfect example of why we love Steam as the gaming platform. 10 years ago a game such as Gunpoint would never find a publisher because it's not fancy enough (in terms of stunning graphics and/or world class production). Steam, as digital distribution platform, offers so much for indie developers and we should all be really thankful for it.

Now, to the point. Gunpoint was made by Tom Francis, an ex-editor of the PC Gamer magazine. I remember when the game was released in 2013, PC Gamer refused to review it because they knew they wouldn't be objective enough about their ex co-worker's game (and the loved it!). Anyway, to create his little game, Francis used Game Maker, a software suite responsible for many other real masterpieces such as Spelunky, Hotline Miami and Risk of Rain. He said that he realized he was overly critical of the games he was reviewing for PC Gamer and wanted to see if he could do better (it's like "I am such an ass! I should put my self in their shoes and see how hard it really is to make a game!"). And for the most part - he did.

Gunpoint is a stealth-action-platform game. It puts you in the role of Richard Conway, a private detective who got himself in trouble by trying out his brand new Bullfrog Hypertrousers at the wrong time. These trousers give him the power of jumping at really long distance and height and they prevent him from dying from falling. Right, so... He was at the wrong place in the wrong time and could be charged with murder so he accepts a task from a new employer to delete the camera footage from the crime scene and only gets himself involved in a big conspiracy.

The game is divided into many small missions (once you get a hold of them, each mission can be completed in less than 3 minutes) and Conway's goal is always the same: infiltrate and collect/hack. To do so, Conway can use a range of gadgets that allow him to control doors and devices of the infiltrated building. For example, you can rewire the security camera to open the door instead of sounding the alarm or connect the light switch to open the door and stun a guard that was standing next to it. Of course, to make it difficult, switches, doors, cameras etc are made of various colors and only the matching colors can be connected. Each mission can be completed slowly (in stealth), on average speed (make those guards sleep!) or recklessly (and that may trigger the police alarm with a time limit to complete the mission... which usually means you are dead by sniper fire as soon as you show yourself near the window). Your choice. The missions are graded at the end, but it really has no real meaning except for your own personal satisfaction.

The achievements are real easy to get. There's 42 of them and I got them all in 2 playthroughs (some are mutually exclusive). Speaking of that, the game is rather short and once you get the hang of it, you will advance really fast. The first playthrough took me 3 hours, the second no more than 1 hour total. Fortunately, the game supports Steam Workshop and if you want more of this game you can simply download more missions. Some are really tricky and enjoyable, but even then they lack the feeling of the "real game story". You know, it's never the same to play the original game and custom made scenarios for it.

Overall, Gunpoint is a wonderful game and I guarantee you will enjoy it. But it's a short-lived entertainment and we can only hope to see more of Tom Francis' talent in the future. Ok man, you proved your point, now make more fun games and let us see what you can do!

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